NAACP opens new chapter in northern Macomb County

NAACP to serve about 15 communities

Frustrated trying to secure an appointment at a Secretary of State branch office? You’re not alone. As you will see the demand is high because we are approaching a significant date and many may have been procrastinating.

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – The NAACP is expanding its footprint in Metro Detroit. There is now a new chapter in northern Macomb County.

“We learned that Macomb County is a pretty sizeable county so therefore our work will probably be best served if we had two branches,” Pamela Alexander with Northern Macomb County NAACP said. “We cover actually the 10th District. So that includes Romeo, New Heaven, Shelby Township, Macomb Township, parts of Sterling Heights. There are about 15 communities, that we serve in this area.”

Alexander said now is the perfect time to make sure Black and brown people are represented. Not just in Detroit.

“I believe it’s important first and foremost because people really want to have a way of addressing issues in their communities that relates to their civil rights,” Alexander said.

Alexander said issues of racial tensions and police brutality were highlighted over the past year.

“How people are arrested and what level of force is used to apprehend someone. It seems to be levied against Black people,” Alexander said.

They are also addressing health care and those taking the COVID vaccines.

“We certainly 100 percent support the need for people to certainly consider taking the vaccine,” Alexander said. ”Until that happens we’re not going to get the full immunity in our community which makes us all safe.”

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