Ex-CEO of Holy Cross Services accused of embezzling funds meant for children

A Metro Detroit charity CEO is facing federal charges for allegedly fleecing his employer and using the money for a wide variety of personal expenses.

The 26-page complaint details at least $70,000 worth of spending from a charity that serves some of the poorest children in the state.

Holy Cross Children’s Services and its other charity organizations house foster children and help the needy in many ways. An internal audit turned up the CEO’s spending habits.

John Lynch has been officially charged with wire and mail fraud and theft from an organization that receives federal funds.

He is accused of using the money on various personal things. He allegedly spent $12,500 to put a new roof on his house and spent $7,363 with the company charge card. He allegedly made late fee payments to his mortgage company for a total of $7,194.

The document also outlines $2,683 spent to repair his car and $39,150 on a bogus security contract with his brother-in-law. Around $21,895 was returned to himself as a kickback. He is also accused of spending $7,290 on vacations to Mackinac Island, Florida, on clothing and expensive meals.

His employment with the agency ended in April 2017. He had been in that role for two years.

In 2019, Boysville of Michigan became Holy Cross Services.

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Read a full statement from Holy Cross Services below:

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