Metro Detroit weather: Temperatures trending upward; beautiful weekend conditions

More blue skies in forecast over next few days

Metro Detroit weather forecast May 12, 2021 -- 11 p.m. Update
Metro Detroit weather forecast May 12, 2021 -- 11 p.m. Update

DETROIT – We’re on cruise control as we head into the weekend. As temperatures continue to warm, how high can we rise?

Rain-free days

Beautiful blue skies greeted us Wednesday, and we’ll see a whole lot more of that over the next few days. Any clouds shouldn’t block much sunshine and will be more aesthetics than functionality.

That will help us get temperatures out of the gutter, too. Highs will reach the mid-60s on Thursday, then the upper 60s on Friday. Those are close to, but still below, normal highs for the middle of May. Normal highs climb to 70 degrees, starting Friday.

Weekend winner

Saturday and Sunday should earn a solid “A” grade (we’d give it an A+ if temperatures were a bit warmer). Morning starts will be seasonally respectable in the mid- and upper 40s, and our daytime highs will reach the low 70s in many locations.

Dry conditions also continue through Sunday, when we might see some added cloud cover.

Distant drops

Our next rain chance won’t arrive until early next week. Temperatures don’t look much different. If anything, we might be milder in the mornings with added cloud cover.

Low temperatures will feel similar to some of the afternoon numbers we’ve had in the past few days.

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