‘Help wanted’: Teens become most sought after employees during COVID pandemic

Employers scrambling to find more workers

Teens wanted: Job market changes
Teens wanted: Job market changes

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – Teenagers have become the most sought after employees to keep the labor force afloat during the COVID pandemic.

“Help wanted” signs can be found outside many storefronts in Metro Detroit and the need for employees is dire.

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Michael Milanrick and his father own five McDonald’s franchise locations in Macomb County. Milanrick said they have had to shut down restaurants during prime service hours because they can’t find anyone to work.

“We’re desperate,” Milanrick said.

Based on numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics this summer is the summer for teenagers and their first jobs. Final May numbers come out Friday, but judging from April’s numbers it shows those 16 to 19 years old have the highest employment rate in history.

The number of teens working is expected to grow exponentially as businesses desperate for workers to return try to find teenagers who want to enter the job market.

Teens can pick and choose where they want to work. It’s not limited to fast food, there are retail jobs open too.

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