Residents say racist graffiti spray painted at Inkster apartment complex; police investigating

Graffiti found in hallways, laundry room

Racist graffiti spray painted at Inkster apartment complex

INKSTER, Mich. – Neighbors at an Inkster apartment complex said they found swastikas and racist language in black paint.

“It was in the hallways, on the doors, in our basement, upstairs, everywhere,” said Damonte Mosby.

Mosby, who lives in Dearborn View Apartments with his girlfriend and daughter, said he was heading to work on Wednesday when he saw what he calls a hate crime just feet away from his door. He said somebody spray painted several swastikas in the hallway and laundry room.

The graffiti also included the message, N-word “Get out.”

“It was a big shock to me,” he said. “I was so angry. My daughter and my family were in the house.”

He said he and other neighbors called police. Many are now wondering who did this and why.

“Our neighbors have been friendly. Everybody around here has been pretty cool. I didn’t understand how it could happen,” Mosby said.

He said it’s sad that something like this is still happening in 2021, especially after what we as a country went through in 2020.

“I will never understand it, all of the hate,” he said.

Mosby said they feel like a piece of their security is now gone and are looking for another place to live.

Inkster police said they received a call from the apartment complex and are investigating and looking through security video in that area.

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