Detroit woman says neighbor released 3 dogs who attacked while she was walking puppy

Dana Dixon says neighbor screamed at her before purposefully releasing dogs

Woman, Goldendoodle puppy attacked by 3 dogs on Detroit's east side
Woman, Goldendoodle puppy attacked by 3 dogs on Detroit's east side

DETROIT – A Detroit woman said she was walking her Goldendoodle puppy on the city’s east side when three dogs attacked her after their owner released them from his yard.

Dana Dixon said she had to be treated for bites and several sprains. Dixon recalled the details of the Saturday night attack on her dog Dexter.

“To have to fight off three Pit Bulls and then hold your dog -- and we’re just playing tug-of-war with my dog. On top of it I’m being bit. It was the scariest thing,” Dixon said. “It was very frightening. I thought we were both going to die. I’m just holding onto my dog, trying to protect him.”

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Dixon said she was walking by her neighbor’s home on Peerless Street when he yelled at her and then intentionally let his dogs out.

“Total shock. I didn’t understand why this man, first of all let the dogs out, and then for him to just stand there on the porch and allow them to continue to attack me and my dog and to yell for me to ‘[expletive] stop screaming.’ I mean, are you kidding me?” Dixon said.

Dixon said she quickly picked up her dog and tried to protect him from the other three dogs.

“They’re pulling my dog. One dog had a leg, the other dog had the other leg and the third dog had the tail,” Dixon said.

Dixon said she is not the only one who had issues with the neighbor and his dogs. She said the dogs killed another neighbor’s dogs. The three dogs weren’t removed then and the dogs still haven’t been removed.

A spokesperson for the City of Detroit said they are currently trying to get custody of the dogs to have them tested for rabies and evaluated. Detroit wants the owner to voluntarily turn over the dogs but they said he’s not cooperating. The next step is to file a warrant.

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