Worker injured at Sterling Heights warehouse after slab of granite falls on his legs

2 men previously killed at same warehouse after being crushed by granite

Worker injured at Sterling Heights warehouse

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – A man was injured while working a job in Macomb County Monday.

Things went back to work quickly Monday after the incident that was scary, but thankfully not fatal or life-threatening.

Emergency crews back out at the Stone Warehouse in Sterling Heights after a slab of stone slipped loose falling on a worker who had only been on the job about a year.

Employees say it was one of the wholesale granite and marble company’s smaller sized slabs still weighing in at around 600 to 700 pounds.

The slab fell on the man’s legs.

This accident bringing back memories of the tragedy two years ago at the same business when two men were killed after what was described as a cascade of granite slide off their base crushing those two employees to death.

The man hurt Monday afternoon was taken to the hospital and expected to be fine.

Local 4 News does not know when that man will be released from the hospital, but employees we talked to who went on camera said this was just a terrible accident and they’re glad he is fine.