Man waves gun at car with 8 kids inside because driver honked at him to move at Livonia green light

Tiwaun Edwards charged with possessing firearm with obliterated serial number

Tiwaun Edwards is accused of waving a handgun with an obliterated serial number at another vehicle during a July 27, 2021, road rage incident in Livonia. (WDIV)

LIVONIA, Mich. – A man involved in a road rage incident waved a gun at a car with eight children inside because the driver of that car honked at him when he wasn’t moving at a green light in Livonia, officials said.

Police said Tiwaun Edwards, age 29 or 30, was involved in a road rage incident between two vehicles around 11:20 p.m. July 27.

Two adults from the other vehicle told police that a man, later identified as Edwards, had waved a silver and black handgun at their car, which had eight children inside, according to court records.

Stop light exchange

The driver told police that after waiting behind Edwards’ Ford Fusion for about one minute, they used their horn to alert him that the light had turned green, officials said.

They said the Fusion went through the intersection, and they turned in the same direction and pulled up next to it at another intersection.

Moments later, Edwards, who was the only person inside the Fusion, started to waive the handgun and point it at the occupants of the other vehicle, court records show.

The people in the other vehicle said Edwards continued to follow them in the Fusion when they turned to try to avoid a confrontation. Someone in the vehicle managed to get a picture of the Fusion’s license plate number, authorities said.

Edwards arrested

Livonia police looked up that license plate number and learned it was registered to Edwards, they said. He had had previous police contact at a home on Woodview Street in Westland, according to officials.

Officers went to that Westland address and saw the Fusion parked outside, they said. When they knocked on the door to Edwards’ apartment, he answered, saw police officers standing outside and slammed the door shut, authorities said.

Tiwaun Edwards (WDIV)

Seconds later, Edwards opened the door and stepped out into the hallway, police said. He was taken into custody.

Edwards told police he needed to get his keys out of his apartment, and allowed them to go inside with him, officials said. As they went to the bedroom to get his keys and a shirt, police said they saw a loaded silver and black Taurus G3 9 mm caliber pistol sitting on top of some clothes on the floor.

Authorities said the pistol had an extended magazine, and several of its serial numbers had been removed.

Edwards was charged with possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number.

Police interview

Edwards later agreed to be interviewed and told police he had bought the handgun from an unidentified person for $400, officials said. He said he carries the weapon for protection, according to police.

Edwards told officers that he didn’t notice the serial number was scratched off until he got back home from the transaction, court records show.

He said he had previously been on several different types of probation, including one for a firearm that “might be” for a felony, according to authorities.

A handgun with an obliterated serial number found after a July 27, 2021, road rage incident in Livonia. (WDIV)

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