Residents speak out against proposed Meijer store development in Macomb Township

Petition created in opposition of development

Plans are moving forward to build a new Meijer grocery store in Macomb Township, but not everyone is ecstatic with the news.

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Plans are moving forward to build a new Meijer grocery store in Macomb Township, but not everyone is ecstatic with the news.

The proposal would be to build the store at the corner of 24 Mile and Hayes roads. The current plan is to include 400 parking spaces for the facility.

“We don’t need it. We don’t want it and it’s going to bring our property values down,” said Macomb Township resident Ginger Zerilli.

Zerilli and many others aren’t too happy with the potential development of a new grocery store basically being built in their back yards.

“The property is not that big for one thing and to have big trucks and hear the noises constantly and lights. Meijers does not care about the people,” Zerilli said.

“We’ve gone to two or three meetings already with the township and our biggest concern is that we just don’t seem to have a voice in the whole process,” said resident Mike Willemsen.

Although some of the homeowners have reason to believe that some “out-of-pocket or underhand” activity is going on, Township Supervisor Frank Viviano said everything has been done 100% by the book.

“The site plan was approved. They did everything that they should do and could do,” Viviano said.

A petition has been started against the development and has collected nearly 4,000 signatures. The plans for the new Meijer is to also have eight gas pumps on hand -- something that has Jim Becker worried about the daycare nearby.

“There’s a lot of concerned parents. They’re thinking they’re not going to keep their kids there anymore,” Becker said.

“I feel bad for the residents. It’s certainly something they didn’t expect. They have lived next to this really nice empty field for a very long time. But the property owner has the right to with it within our ordinance that he wants to and unfortunately this is something that’s allowed,” Viviano said.

Another concern is how this is going to affect the traffic. Some of these residents are said if and when the store is built, they’re going to be moving away.

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