50+ Metro Detroit doctors plead with Michigan residents to get vaccinated

The ‘science is clear’ about the safety, effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines

With more than half of all Michiganders still not being fully vaccinated, Dr. Adnan Munkarah said his colleagues are now fearing the worst.

DETROIT – In the first two weeks of August, COVID hospitalizations have risen 90% across the state of Michigan.

Sadly, there’s also the threat of a fourth coronavirus surge as we head into the fall. That’s why dozens of doctors came together to make one special plea in newspapers across the state.

With about half of all Michiganders still not being fully vaccinated, Dr. Adnan Munkarah, with the Henry Ford Health System, said his colleagues are now fearing the worst.

“These are the elected physician leaders in our hospital, our chief nursing officers, our pharmacy leads, our medical directors of infections. When they saw that our numbers for vaccination were starting to slow down and that we’re starting to get hit with the delta variant, they came to us and said, ‘How can we let the community hear our voice?’” said Henry Ford Health System executive vice president and Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Adnan Munkarah.

In response, a total of 56 doctors wrote their plea to Michigan residents, basically begging them to go ahead and get the shot. It was all done in an open letter placed in newspapers across the state. But For some, like Darius Goings, they’re still unsure.

“I don’t feel like we should be the guinea pigs,” said Goings.

The good news is that at least some -- like Kym Johnson -- are slowly, but surely deciding to get the vaccine.

“It was really for the love of my family,” Johnson said. “So many of our church members had died unexpectedly.”

With COVID numbers soaring, there’s a chance we may end up in the exact same place when were during the midst of the pandemic.

“We are seeing people, children and younger adults who are affected with the virus,” Munkarah said. “We are definitely concerned and we’re praying and we’re hoping that we never get to where we were a month ago and a year ago.”

Dr. Munkarah said there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Because of that reason, the Henry Ford Health System has been having listening sessions to hear concerns in hopes to put an end to as many myths as possible.

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