Food blogger using influence to help those impacted by catastrophic situation in Lebanon

Online fundraiser started to collect money for those abroad

Social media food influencer works to bring attention to crisis in Lebanon

DETROIT – If you’re into food and social media, chances are you’ve probably come across the Halal Food Junkie’s page on Instagram.

“I started off just having fun around the community showcasing halal food. I received so many followers from Detroit. That includes from the African American community to White people,” said the page’s founder, Abraham.

He is behind the whole project. Abraham said his team has a special place in their hearts for Metro Detroit and every single restaurant they encounter.

“It’s probably the biggest in the nation. And we’re actually becoming the most diverse in halal food as well,” said Abraham speaking about Detroit.

However, the team’s main focus is trying to help those in Lebanon in the middle of a major catastrophe and tragedy.

“So, there’s no fuel. There’s no water. There’s no electricity. If electricity is on, it’s probably on for like two or three hours a day. A lot of people here in Dearborn are from Lebanon,” said Abraham.

The team behind the Halal Food Junkie’s page will now be using their influence to help send money back home. The hope is that they can not only help Lebanon, but other nations in a crisis as well.

“We’re immigrants from Lebanon. So, we knew how it was coming from the war and what not so now what they’re dealing with is just a humanitarian crisis. Now we’re trying to get people to donate to help people out in Lebanon to have basic needs,” said Abraham.

Abraham says there are plenty people in the City of Dearborn who are also trying their best to help.

Some of them even deciding to take the trip themselves to Lebanon.

How to help:

If you are interested in donating, click here to access the online fundraiser.

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