‘Couldn’t do anything but cry’: Detroit woman gifts car to stranger riding the bus

‘Had a gut feeling that I need to bless someone with a car’

It's a random act of kindness that won't be forgotten. A woman riding a bus gets a surprise of her life from a stranger.

DETROIT – One woman was gifted with a free car after an encounter with a stranger on a bus.

Chavonne Robinson was down on her luck while waiting on bus No. 42 in Detroit.

“I just lost my best friend in August. He died four days before his birthday and I’ve been real down,” Robinson said.

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Luckily, she was in the place at the right time, getting on with Kieara Walker and her family, who were looking to offer someone a special gift.

“Had a gut feeling that I need to bless someone with a car. So, we picked a bus stop. It was me, my cousin and my daughter. And my cousin asked me, how would I know who to pick and I said ‘God will show me,’” Walker said.

In the sweetest of deeds, Walker’s daughter was the one to give Robinson the keys. It was something she couldn’t really process at the time.

“First thought was it’s a little baby giving me keys and she was like, ‘Make sure you call me tomorrow.’ And I’m like, ‘Wait a second, she’s giving me a car,’” Robinson said.

The next day, she was given the title to a 2003 Ford Taurus.

“I couldn’t do anything but cry because life hasn’t been that great,” Robinson said.

It’s a good deed that some will question, but Walker insists it’s all about working miracles in others lives as long as you’re able to do so.

“I just treat other people how I like to be treated and God put it on my heart,” she said.

“Not going to lie, my faith in humanity hasn’t been too great and this really restored my faith,” Robinson said.

Robinson still needs her license and tag before she can drive her new car. Local 4 learned that Walker is planning to help out with that as well.

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