Hamtramck alerts residents after some tap water tests high for lead

City calling on state to ensure funding for lead service line replacement

Hamtramck just tested several dozen sites for lead in tap water and a handful came back with levels above what the state says is OK.

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – The city of Hamtramck tested several dozen sites for lead in tap water, and a handful came back with levels above what Michigan says is OK.

“Every year we test our water levels or our lead levels in residents water,” said Hamtramck Mayor Karen Majewski.

Original report: Hamtramck water samples reveal increased lead levels

Majewski said it’s a process the city does in order to keep everyone safe. However, there is now concern because lead was detected in some drinking water.

“This year, we tested 42 sites and six of them failed this time,” Majewski said.

Majewski said right now, they’re alerting the entire city so that everyone can take the necessary actions.

“Anybody who wants a filter or wants their water tested, we got a program for that. We got free filters being given out,” she said. “The city is doing its testing, its proper testing. It’s doing its proper placement piece by piece of those lead water lines. Of course we’re an old community, so we’ve got almost every house, of course, had originally a lead service line.”

The city is calling on the state for help and extra resources.

“I’d really like to press the Governor’s Office and our state Legislature to make sure that there’s adequate funding for this mandated lead service line replacement,” Majewski. “The water is safe to drink.”

See the full announcement from the city of Hamtramck below.