‘I want clean water’: Macomb County mobile home park residents concerned about water quality

Park operates on well water system

People in one Macomb County community want to know why their water is brown.

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – People living in the Springbrook Estates mobile home park in Macomb County have had to deal with recurring instances of brown, discolored water coming out of their faucets.

Derek Carver and Nicole Jimenez live in the mobile home park.

“Most of the time our water is yellow if not, like, almost brown and we can’t drink it,” Derek Carver said.

The couple said they buy most of their water in gallon jugs.

“We’re paying for water we can’t really use,” Nicole Jimenez said.

The couple has a set of newborn twins they’re worried about.

“Sometimes I can’t even give them a bath because the water is so dirty,” Nicole Jimenez said.

The same frustrations are shared by Mikela Gorski and Tieler Johnson, who also have a newborn child.

“It’s just irritating when you see your water that you’re taking a bath with, I have to put my daughter in, orange,” Tieler Johnson said.

They believe they have lost loved ones because of the quality of the water.

“We had to put water from the sink into his oxygen tank. So it was going through his nose and his body, but the doctors told him he had Legionnaires’ disease,” Mikela Gorski said.

The park operates on a well water system.

“I want clean water. I’m not happy about having to pay for water that I can’t even use,” Nicole Jimenez said.

The company that owns Springbrook Estates, Havenpark Communities, released the following statement:

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