Metro Detroit mother shares what it was like to battle COVID while pregnant

Nakia Hubbard Heard placed on ventilator

A mother’s battle with COVID went from bad to worse when she was battling the virus while pregnant.

An Metro Detroit mother has recovered after being hospitalized with COVID while more than 20 weeks pregnant.

Nakia Hubbard Heard said a team of doctors worked to help save her life. She started experiencing coronavirus symptoms at the end of March. She said she started feeling fatigued and had a fever.

She said things quickly went downhill from there. She told her husband she needed to go to the doctor’s office because something wasn’t right.

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“That day I was airlifted to Beaumont Royal Oak, where they had the high-risk fetal team. You know, I have no memory of that week,” she said.

Over the next 12 weeks, doctors worked to save Nakia Hubbard Heard and her unborn child. She had three surgeries during that time.

Her son, Saint Dalton Rocco Heard was born on July 8. He was three weeks early and delivered via an urgent c-section.

Nakia Hubbard Heard said she is grateful for Beaumont Health and the staff for saving their lives.

“I just want to thank everybody for being there. For not only my family, but for everybody,” she said.

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