The Local 4 Holiday Gift Challenge

Local 4 Holiday Gift Challenge

We’re challenging your favorite news team to show us how to shop on a budget.

We gave 4 of our anchors - 40 bucks - to buy 4 gifts.

Why? Because we know everyone has at least one tough-to-buy-for loved one. And we want to see if they can do it inexpensively.

Kimberly Gill: “This is a great great gift.”

Devin: “You’re very welcome!”

Don’t miss the joy, good cheer and happiness a truly thoughtful gift can bring. Even on a budget!

Karen Drew: “Aw, this is great!”

Jason Colthorp: “Nice!”

Watch all the fun and laughter the Local 4 Holiday Gift Challenge brought to our newsroom - Today on Local 4 News at 5 p.m.