Protesters defy court order to end blockade at Ambassador Bridge

Some protesters stick around, say they welcome arrest if necessary

An Ontario judge gave the protesters until 7 p.m. Friday (Feb. 11) to clear the area or face being arrested. We are now four hours past that deadline, and the protesters haven't gone anywhere. They've been told to leave by police who are on the scene.

WINDSOR, ONT. – An Ontario judge gave the protesters until 7 p.m. on Friday to clear the area or face being arrested -- but hours past that deadline, the protesters hadn’t gone anywhere.

They were told to leave by police who are on the scene.

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As the evening progressed, protesters began to file out, but some were still in attendance. Protesters at one point began to converse with some of the police officers who were at the scene, but there wasn’t any aggression between them thus far.

The majority of protesters seemed to be residents of Windsor, and decided to call it a night at 11 p.m. The protesters who are visitors seemed to check themselves into hotels.

Then there are the protesters who were still out way past the deadline, saying they will not leave the area and that they welcome getting arrested if necessary.

“It is so worth it, being arrested, because I believe in this cause 100%, and I wouldn’t be anywhere else,” one protester said. “I’ve always been a guy of beliefs, like standing up for my rights. If you don’t, they’ll be gone.”

Police had blocked off several streets throughout Windsor on Friday night. The only fast-food chain had also closed, meaning no food, coffee, or restroom use, which played a significant role in thinning out the crowd.

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