Mask mandates in some school districts end on Monday

DETROIT – On Monday, the mask mandate is officially dropping for several schools in multiple counties. While lots of people are excited, some believe this may be happening all too soon.

New CDC guidelines means new rules when it comes down to the classroom. It is county by county and district by district.

“I just think that kids get sick all the time, and I feel like, the fact that I went to school without wearing one when I was sick or had a cold -- it’s just weird now to think about that,” said Olivia Wilson.

Just the thought of not having a mask is somewhat of a “no-no” for Wilson and her friend, Zoe Smith.

“It’s just going to go back. The mask mandate is going to come back when the numbers go back up. So, it doesn’t really matter,” said Smith.

“I think like, especially with spring break coming up and all the stuff getting lifted, I think it’s kinda a bit premature,” said Wilson.

With the state officially lifting the mask mandate in schools, some districts like Northville Public Schools are leaving the decision up to students or parents.

Brandi Johnson isn’t playing any games when it comes down to her child.

“My daughter is wearing her mask. I don’t care what the school district say. She is wearing her mask to school and that’s just that,” said Johnson.

“Since the numbers are going down, let’s just try to keep it that way,” said

Some parents are deciding to do away with the mask altogether. Only time will tell if this makes a difference or not in terms of the numbers going up or down.

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