Jury deliberations to begin in Gov. Whitmer kidnap plot trial

This case, in a lot of ways, is a first of its kind. A lot is going to be banking on how the evidence presented on both sides is overall perceived those selected to carry out this duty.

“This is a very unusual case, because it occurred in a very unusual time with a very unusual set of circumstances,” said legal analyst Neil Rockind.

It will now be up to a jury to decide if four men convicted in the controversial failed kidnapping plot of Governor Whitmer are guilty or not.

Local 4 legal analyst, Neil Rockind, said the biggest deciding factor will be wherever this was free speech, or a group men who were in a way entrapped by the men who ultimately planned to take them down.

“Entrapment defenses or the defense of ‘I did all of this stuff, but I was just exercising my right to freedom of speech. It wasn’t serious.’ Those defenses can be difficult,” said Rockind.

Rockind says this case however, is far from perfect.

“This case is not without problems, and this case represented extremes on all kinds of levels,” said Rockind. “One, we had an issue with and FBI agent that apparently had issues of his own.”

But it also all depends on if the jury takes into consideration the climate in which all this took place.

“The defense is gonna hang on that. They’re going to talk about how unpopular these political policies were,” said Rockind. “Many engage in this type of speech. Many politicians to this day engage in this type of speech.”

None of the attorneys for the defendant could be reached. Of course, we’ll keep you updated on what happens both on air and online.

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