Where to recycle batteries in Metro Detroit

Batteries. (Photo by Hilary Halliwell via Pexels)

Recycling plastic, paper or glass is easy. But when it comes to batteries, you may need to look a little harder.

Batteries are not accepted as curbside recycling, and even some local recycling centers won’t take them. What gives? Well, batteries present a challenge for various reasons.

It is important for batteries to be recycled properly due to toxicity from heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and nickel. If your old batteries end up in a landfill, pollutants can leak out and contaminate groundwater, damage already fragile ecosystems, and potentially make their way into the food chain. Some batteries can even cause fires from a short-circuit.

Almost any retailer that sells lead-acid batteries collects used batteries for recycling, as required by the state.

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So where can you take your old batteries? You have options! Here’s a quick roundup:

Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware: These hardware store chains will accept rechargeable and single-use batteries at most locations. You can use this map to find a store near you that accepts batteries.

Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone: Both of these retailers will take vehicle batteries for recycling. Here’s a full list of locations.

Earth911: You can find local battery recycling programs using the map here.

Here are some links to local government pages with info on battery recycling and disposal:

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