New escape room set to open at Michigan’s Eloise Asylum on Friday the 13th

Escape the Asylum opens May 13

Escape the Asylum (Eloise Asylum)

WESTLAND, Mich. – A new escape room is opening up Friday, and the location is pretty spooky.

The Eloise Asylum has announced that thrill-seekers can experience an adventure like no other with its newest addition, Escape the Asylum.

Players of the escape room will have 60 minutes to escape a live-action multi-room adventure before becoming the next victim of the abandoned asylum. Parties of four to 10 people can reserve a time on Eloise Asylum’s website.

Escape the Asylum (Eloise Asylum)

According to a press release, in order to produce the special effects of the room, the Asylum relied on state-of-the-art FX, lighting and animatronics. The team behind Escape the Asylum also used projection mapping technology to help make the experience seem more realistic.

“Escape The Asylum is truly a next-level escape room,” said Matt Herzog, one of the owners and operators of Escape the Asylum. “Our goal is to make guests feel like they are in a thriller movie from the time they enter the escape room to the time they leave.”

The Eloise Asylum has a lot of history, considering it was the largest running asylum in the United States. The asylum was established in 1839, and by 1934 about 8,300 had been housed there. Eloise officially closed in 1981.

The escape room will be open from noon to 10:30 p.m. during the weekends.