16 disc golf courses to check out this summer in Metro Detroit

Disc golf tournament at Explore Park

Every summer, more and more Michiganders pick up on disc golf.

The evolving sport incorporates disc frisbees and nature, giving discers a relaxing yet competitive activity to do outdoors.

The sport has been trending for years now. Mid Michigan College just opened up a new course last month.

If you are looking to get into disc golfing or want to check out a new spot to play, see our list of Metro Detroit courses below:

Disc Golf doesn’t have a long history compared the other sports like baseball and basketball, but the competitive sport has been around since at least the 70s.

According to the Professional Disc Golf Association, frisbee golf was taught to kids on the west coast in the late 60s. From there, disc golf was established as an organized sport in 1974. By 1977 22 disc golf courses were established throughout the country. Today there are over 7,000 courses in North America.

One of the oldest disc golf courses in Michigan is Flip City located in Shelby, over on the west side of the state. According to the courses’ website, the course started in 1980. The course is about 35 acres.

The mitten also has a couple of disc golf brands that produce everything from custom discs to apparel.

Here are a couple of Michigan based companies:

Click here to check out PDGA disc golf tournament schedule.

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