Sterling Heights Fire Department becomes first in Michigan to utilize remote methane leak detector

New technology will allow first responders to detect for gasses from a safe distance

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STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – After a generous donation from Heath Consultants of Houston, Texas, the Sterling Heights Fire Department becomes the first in Michigan to utilize a new remote methane leak detector.

This device will allow first responders to quickly scan common venting points within a building from a safe distance to determine if methane gas is present.

“Many times, first responders are called to natural gas emergencies, and up until now, we’ve only had a way to detect for gases while inside what could be a potentially hazardous environment or in the correct flammable range to set off an explosion with just a spark,” said Fire Chief Kevin Edmond. “This new device can be used to detect gases remotely, keeping our team safely away from potentially dangerous structures and situations.”

Fire Chief Kevin Edmond - City of Sterling Heights

This device works by using Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), more commonly known as laser beams, which allows the user to point said laser beams through windows, giving them an audio/visual signal if methane is detected.

This $15,000 device will be crucial for first responders to make rapid decisions that are critical to establish the appropriate control of the gas and ignition sources if a detection is present.

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