Abortion migration to Michigan increasing in wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned

Planned Parenthood of Michigan said calls were up 50% last week

Patients are already jamming phone lines, with planned parenthood saying calls this past week were up 50%.

As states across the country ban or restrict abortion, Michigan is becoming a safe haven for those looking for reproductive care with abortion still being legal in Michigan.

Make no mistake, abortion migration has already started.

Much if it is coming from neighboring states, in particular Ohio, where that state’s law that banned abortions after six weeks — before most women even know they’re pregnant — is now in effect.

In Indiana and Wisconsin, bans are expected to be upheld or approved in the coming weeks, if not days.

Patients are already jamming phone lines, with planned parenthood saying calls this past week were up 50%.

“I have anecdotally heard of patients trying to get in as soon as possible because they are afraid that they may lose access,” said Ashley Phinecie of Planned Parenthood of Michigan. “I’ve also heard people just scared as they consider pregnancy right?”

It’s not just patients from neighboring states — it’s also doctors.

One Michigan abortion provider, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear for their staff, said in a text this week: “We already have a two-week wait for appointments because of Ohio.”

In another text, the provider said: “Doctors are applying for jobs with us from Ohio.”

Clinics are also expecting an influx from states as far away as Texas and Oklahoma.

In Texas, a total abortion ban is back in effect, already forcing clinics to turn away patients, lay off staff and put buildings up for sale.

The Michigan provider is working to shore up services as a flood of heartbreak pours in.

“Women everywhere in this country are now desperately trying to make appointments, afraid of going to jail in their own states, calling, crying and telling their stories. They are desperate.”

Desperation is turning to migration and crossing into Michigan for help.

All of this is happening while the state of abortion hangs in the balance in Michigan.

The state’s 1931 ban is still on hold. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has asked the state Supreme Court to being hearing oral arguments by this Thursday.

So far, there’s not been a decision posted by the court.

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