City of Detroit opens applications for commercial adult-use marijuana business licensing

DETROIT – Detroit City Council voted anonymously to approve the opening of applications for limited adult-use licensing for commercial marijuana being sold within retail, microbusiness and as well as consumption in a lounge.

Tuesday’s voting by the Detroit City Council approved the first phase of adult-use licensing and the City of Detroit’s Office of Marijuana Ventures and Entrepreneurship will start accepting applications for the licenses from Aug.1 - 31. Those looking to have a license will need to apply for one and certification through the Marijuana Regulatory Agency and then can apply to the City of Detroit. The application will be processed in four 30-day phases.

Below is a graphic explaining the application phases:

Adult-use application process (City of Detroit)

Below are what the licenses are reserved for:

  • 20 for Adult-Use Retailer Establishment-Equity
  • Five for Designated Consumption Lounge
  • Five for Designated Consumption Lounge-Equity
  • Five Microbusiness-Equity

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“I want to thank my colleagues for allowing this next critical step in the licensing process despite the frivolous lawsuits and ongoing attempts to get Detroit’s ordinance tossed,” stated President Pro Tem James Tate in a news release. “For years Detroiters have been fighting for an opportunity to compete in the state’s Ever-growing market and the time has finally come to reap the benefits of their hard work.”

The city stopped accepting applications for medical marijuana establishment licenses in April. While that is the case, the amended adult-use marijuana ordinance does not limit the number of licenses that are issued for growers, processors, secured transporters and safety compliance.

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Below is a graphic about the latest adult-use marijuana policy:

Detroit's Adult-Use Marijuana Policy 2022 (City of Detroit)

For more information on the newest policy head over to

A guide to Michigan’s recreational marijuana laws: What you should know