How to maximize your Costco membership amid rise in grocery prices

Basic membership at Costco cost $60

Many families are looking to stretch their dollars these days, which leads to many buying in bulk. An analyst speaks on the benefits of having a Costco membership.

Many families are looking to stretch their dollars, which leads to buying in bulk.

But when shopping at warehouse stores like Costco, experts say there are ways to find the best deals. But can memberships to warehouse clubs be a good value in the long run?

Supermarket analyst David Livingston says the short answer is yes -- but there are a few tips and tricks to getting the most bang for your buck.

“Out of all the club stores, Costco is the most successful,” said the analyst.

Livingston suggests going with the cheapest membership plan. A basic membership plan at Costco runs $60. The analyst also recommends getting the Costco credit card and using that card to buy gas.

“I find that all their gas is usually between 20 cents and 40 cents a gallon cheaper than regular gas stations. If you’re spending $5 a gallon gas, you’re gonna be saving 20 cents a gallon by using their credit card.”

Besides the gas deals, Livingston claims that buying protein and produce at Costco isn’t a bad idea.

“The savings that you get is pretty incredible,” said Livingston.

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