🔒 Insider Debates results: Do Michigan residents prefer ‘Michiganders’ or ‘Michiganians?’

The people of Michigan have spoken

Sunset time on Lake Michigan. At the end of a pier sits a grand lighthouse in Ludington, Michigan. (Steven Karsten, © Steven Karsten)

The state of Michigan has tons of nicknames -- the Great Lakes State, the Mitten, etc. -- but what should its residents be called?

We asked our WDIV Insiders to settle a debate and choose between two of the most common nicknames for the people of Michigan: “Michiganders” and “Michiganians.” The debate was a bit heated in the comments section, but when it came to the actual poll results ... not so much.

Let’s see which response won by a landslide.

Drum roll please ...

As you may have guessed, the term “Michigander” was favored far more by our voters than the term “Michiganian.”

Out of more than 1,600 responses, “Michigander” won with 77% of the vote, while “Michiganian” won with 23% of the vote.

Thanks to all of the Michiganders who participated in this debate! (Is it OK to call you that now, since the people have spoken?)

Stick around for our next Insider Debates session -- we’re gonna need your help with that one.

Introducing Insider Debates!

There are a lot of us here in the Local 4 newsroom, and you can bet we don’t see eye-to-eye on everything. Whether it’s about food, pop culture or destinations, our newsroom debates can get pretty heated (usually just in jest ... usually).

So, we’ve decided to launch a new series that allows our most loyal viewers to offer their input and help us settle these debates once and for all.

We can’t promise that everyone in the newsroom will accept the majority opinion, but here’s hoping this series can bring us all some peace and closure.

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