Family speaks out in hopes of finding driver responsible for woman’s death in Port Huron

Mother was killed in front of her two sons trying to help injured cyclist

Family of Candy Trumbull, a mother of two, speaks out in hopes of finding the driver responsible for her death, and the cyclist she attempted to help.

Port Huron, Mich. – There were not a lot of street lights on a stretch of Dove Road where a cyclist was hit and killed in Port Huron. It was pretty dark, but Candy Trumbull didn’t think twice and came out to help the cyclist. She was also hit and killed in front of her two sons.

Donna Trumbull’s sister and best friend was killed trying to help an injured cyclist. Donna said, “I want to talk to her, and then I look at the funeral information and I remember she’s gone.”

Candy’s sons who are 13 and 18 were at home when their mother was hit and killed. “I’m calling and checking on them ‘cause I’m not ok, and they’re not ok,” Donna Trumbull says.

The St. Clair County Sheriff’s department says last Tuesday, just before 11 p.m., a bicyclist was hit by a driver on Dove Rd in Port Huron. The driver stayed and called 911. The crash happened near Candy’s home, and as she tried to help, the mom of two was hit by another driver who took off.

Candy’s sister said, “I want justice, I’m going to keep fighting for her.”

The family is now raising money for funeral costs and the two boys Candy left behind.

Donna Trumbull says she wants Candy to be remembered as a hero, “she died helping others.”

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