Kim Adams: What it’s like right now covering Hurricane Ian in Florida

Storm brings high winds, intense flooding to Florida

Kim Adams in Florida as Hurricane Ian makes landfall on Sept. 28, 2022. (WDIV)

VENICE, Fla. – I’m writing this blog in a dark hallway on the fourth floor of a building in Venice Florida. My photographer, Norm, and I just came inside to catch our breath after standing outside in 110-120 mph winds.

We are directly inside the northwest corner of the eyewall. Winds are continuing to intensify, the water level is starting to rise, and debris is littering the parking lot. There’s no power or cell service, so we are recording as much as we can to send back to Detroit.

Photos of Norm and Kim covering Hurricane Ian in Florida. (WDIV)

Live coverage: Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Florida

Unfortunately, as a meteorologist, I’m also somewhat cut off from my data and the weather models I use for forecasting. I do know the eye will pass just to our east in the next couple of hours. While areas inside the eye will see a period of calm weather, here in Venice, there will be no break for several hours.

Once it’s safe to travel, we will head out to survey the damage. Eventually, we will make our way back to Tampa and Orlando to cover the flooding that will follow the storm.

We are heading back outside now to take a few wind measurements on my portable anemometer. We are staying safe away from the surge.

I appreciate all the calls, texts, and messages from people who are concerned about us. We will be safe, but we will also have updated information for those of you with loved ones in Florida.

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