Metro Detroit expungement fair

Wayne, Oakland and Macomb County to clear or reduce criminal records.

Detroit – On Saturday the Oak Grove A.M.E Church in Detroit will host and Expungement Fair for people who would like to have their criminal records expunged. The event runs from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 pm. at the Johnson Recreation Center located at 8550 Chippewa Street om Detroit.

Attorneys will review the process and qualifications for expungement as well as assist in completing the necessary forms free of charge.

Federal offenses, capital offenses, and most criminal sexual conduct convictions cannot be expunged. A maximum of three felonies may be expunged. An unlimited number of misdemeanors, a maximum of two assaultive crimes and one DUI as well as some other traffic offenses may be expunged.

Citizens seeking expungement should go to the court where there conviction occurred and purchase a certified copy of their conviction and bring the document with them.

To be eligible to expunge more than one felony the waiting period is seven years. To be eligible to expunge one felony or more than one serious misdemeanor the waiting period is five years. To be eligible to expunge one or more non serious misdemeanors the waiting period is three years. There is no waiting period for misdemeanor marijuana convictions. The waiting period begins after a citizen completes his or her sentence of probation or parole.