Detroit Starbucks forced to close after PETA protesters encased feet in concrete, blocked entrance

2 protesters taken away in ambulance

Starbucks PETA protest (PETA)

DETROIT – A Starbucks in Detroit was forced to close on Friday after four protesters blocked the entrance by encasing their feet in concrete.

Four PETA supporters protested Starbucks’ upcharge of non-dairy milk by encasing their feet in concrete and blocking the store’s entrance for four hours with signs and chants.

Two of the four protesters were taken away in an ambulance.

PETA Starbucks protest (PETA)

“Starbucks’ punitive price hike on vegan milks harms cows, the planet, and customers who are lactose-intolerant—many of whom are people of color,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA has appealed to Starbucks to stop profiting from the plant-based milk upcharge, but so far, greed continues to define the company’s position.”

This comes as the latest Starbucks protest from PETA supporters. The previous “cement-in” took place outside of a Nashville Starbucks which resulted in the arrest of four protesters.

Other supporters have superglued themselves to counters in Chicago, New York City, and at the company’s headquarters in Seattle.

The Detroit protest comes on the last day of the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

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