Annual 12 days of GRiZmas in full swing: Here’s how to experience it

GRiZmas events take place from Nov. 29-Dec. 10

12 Days of Griz Photo by: Max Dashevsky (@maxdashevsky) (Max Dashevsky (@maxdashevsky), Infamous PR)

DETROIT – It’s the holiday season in Detroit, which means that GRiZmas is in full swing.

If you are not familiar, GRiZmas is 12 days of events raising money for Metro Detroit music programs. GRiZmas is named after the Electronic artist GRiZ who is from Southfield and is a Michigan State University alumnus.

Harrison Diskin is a close friend of GRiZ and one of the founders of the 12 day phenomenon that ends with two concerts put on by GRiZ at the Masonic Temple.

GRiZmas has been going on for nine years, including virtual events during the pandemic. Diskin said the purpose is to raise a lot of awareness and funds for music education.

12 Days of Griz Photo by: Max Dashevsky (@maxdashevsky) (Infamous PR)

“We first were using this program, doing more on-site coat drives and feeding people at the homeless shelter and stuff like that. And it’s kind of grown into something that has a lot larger of a reach, and a little bit more of a honed-in focus. We still do a coat drive and pack lunches for the community at certain times, like last year through our services on community day, we just found different ways to help others,” Diskin said. “I think that it’s really mind-blowing to me, just seeing the number of people come out to these events on random nights and kind of just following what we’re doing. You know, we kind of take a chance on some of these events, and they might not translate, but they sometimes do.”

12 Days of Griz (WDIV)

Events started on Nov. 29 and run through Dec. 10 leading up to the big two shows. GRiZmas is joined by charity partner and beneficiary Seven Mile to put on the events throughout the 12 days. Some of the events range from community yoga to an 80s zombie-themed disco night. To check out the events, click here.

“GRiZ will say that music saved his life. And so the more he can give other people that opportunity to give them the resources to be able to have access to that, I think the better,” said Diskin.

Seven Mile has a mission to empower students in Detroit through creativity. The program conducts art, music and coding lessons for students, which are taught by University of Michigan volunteers. The program was founded in 2013.

To check out the GRiZmas auction, click here. To check out the GRiZ gift shop, click here.

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