Deer with plastic pumpkin on head in Bloomfield Hills has been freed

Plastic pumpkin cut off after deer was caught

Deer with Halloween trick-or-treating pumpkin stuck on head (Amber Ficarro)

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. – The deer with its head stuck in a Halloween trick-or-treating bucket who has been nicknamed Bucky was freed on Friday.

According to a Facebook post from the South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery, the deer was freed from his “pumpkin prison” after days of being unable to eat or drink.

The deer was successfully and safely caught in a net after South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery volunteered to help.

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Amber Ficarro, the woman who first spotted the deer and brought the issue to the South Lyon group’s attention, had the honor of cutting the pumpkin off of his head, according to the Facebook post.

According to Ficarro, the first documented sighting of the deer was on Dec. 1, which means the deer was unable to eat or drink for at least eight days.

The South Lyon group said they left lots of food out for him as well as water with electrolytes to aid in his recovery.

“We appreciate every single one of you and can’t do any of this without all the love and support that we receive,” the group said in the post.

Here is the Facebook post with the video of Bucky’s capture:

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