Tracking rain that’s predicted to hit Metro Detroit this week

4Warn Weather – It might not help to know that these chilly morning temperatures are actually what we should be seeing and feeling here in the middle of January.

Temps in the teens to lower 20s with a light wind are making for a chilly start to the day as we try to warm up with filtered sunshine throughout our Sunday. Skies are mostly clear early, but we will see clouds trying to move in today without any worries about wet weather.


Skies should stay between mostly sunny to partly cloudy this morning, becoming partly sunny at times this afternoon. The cloud cover will be the big variable for our high temperatures, with the lower 30s expected if we don’t get a few breaks in these harmless clouds later today. Parts of Metro Detroit getting enough sunshine mixed in will see highs in the middle 30s or slightly warmer. The winds will be on the lighter side, SSE 5-10mph, keeping the wind chill or feels like temp a degree or three throughout the day.


Weather for Monday

Monday is MLK Jr. Day, and many of you and your kids might have a nice extended weekend as we honor and celebrate one of the most prominent leaders in the civil rights movement. We will be dry for the first half or two-thirds of the day with increasing clouds and highs, trying to hit 40F with more light breezes SE 5-12mph. There have been countless waves of nasty weather pounding the Western United States with torrential rains, piles of mountain snow, and dangerous winds and that same pattern will persist this week. We will see a ribbon of moisture from western storms late in the day Monday, which means either late afternoon or into the evening on Monday as we get through the day mostly dry. Please know that the Monday evening commute will be getting messy for those who have to commute.

Rainy start to Tuesday

We will see rain spreading across Metro Detroit late Monday into Tuesday morning. More than one of our computer models keeps rain around through lunch on Tuesday. You should expect a rainy start to the day with dryer weather into the afternoon and a warming wind SW 15, gusting 20-25mph at times. Look for the warmest day of the week with highs trying to make it into the middle 40s, possibly closer to 50F.

Looking forward to a dry Wednesday

Most of Wednesday looks to be dry, with temperatures in the middle 30s early before making it back into the lower 40s. We will stay in the upper 30s to low 40s into the night, with another weather maker coming in again from the bigger western storms. The computer models show this storm coming in Thursday morning with cooling air and the chance for some morning snow on Thursday. Temperatures will be falling throughout the day ending in the lower to middle 30s, which means we cannot rule out some snow changing to rain at times into the midday and afternoon. It’s a touch far out to fully trust, but all signs point to dryer weather Friday afternoon through next weekend.

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