What you need to know about the flex route being built on I-96

We’ve reached mid-March, and now construction season is really going to start kicking into high gear.

A huge stretch of the I-96 freeway is being rebuilt with a new flex lane

This week, another project gets underway. Year two of the 96 flex route begins.

MDOT engineer Brian Travis said that the construction is a complete rebuild with the addition of a flex lane in both directions. Similar to the flex route built a few years ago on US-23. This flex lane will add an extra lane for I-96 for the rush hour community. During nonpeak drive times, the lane will not be open.

This project spans from Kent Lake Road to I-275 -- meaning between the construction and restoration, it’s a 21-mile stretch of orange barrels.

To learn more, watch the video in the player above.

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