Where can you find the best waffle in Metro Detroit? Let us know what you think

Celebrating International Waffle Day in SE Michigan

(pixabay, Pixabay 2022)

In honor of International Waffle Day tomorrow, we want to know where YOU think the best waffle is in Metro Detroit.

International Waffle Day is celebrated every year on March 25 -- not to be confused with National Waffle Day, celebrated every year on Aug. 24.

We want to know which Metro Detroit spot has the best waffle! Waffles, quite underrated in my opinion, might not be the go-to at brunch. So where are you dining that makes you say ‘waffle, please!’

Personally? I love a good waffle from Honest Johns, Charlie’s Restaurant, Dime Store, the list goes on.

Let us know what you think. Where is the best waffle in Metro Detroit? Comment below!