Detroit City Council asking for state approval for gun-free zones in downtown areas

DETROIT – Efforts to make parts of downtown Detroit so-called gun-free zones were back in front for Detroit City Council on Tuesday.

While the issue was up for debate and public comment - it still faces a very uncertain future. Only state officials can expand gun-free zones. These zones are in place at places like schools and churches. Detroit City Council member Mary Waters said the council will ask the state to let cities set up their own gun-free zones.

“I do not know what the big deal is,” stated Waters. “We have unique issues in this city crime is escalating a great deal, especially in this area.”

Waters wrote a resolution, which is still being worked on, asking the state to allow cities to set up their own gun-free zones. Some of the areas that are part of Waters’ proposal are to make Greektown, the Riverfront, Hart Plaza, and Spirit Plaza gun free.

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As of Tuesday, the state says schools, hospitals, and sports venues are where CPL holders can’t bring in a gun.

“What is wrong with leaving your gun at home for a period of time you already do when you go to Comerica Park or Ford Field,” said Waters.

Waters says illegal gun carriers will be caught with weapons detectors already used by police.

But what about legal gun holders?

“You are walking around with guns on you, CPL or not, and you start a shootout... you have innocent people, children you have to consider,” said Waters.

There was no vote on this on Tuesday. The resolution is still being worked on that will eventually be sent to Lansing. Police already use those mobile security screeners.

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