Parents react to report on Oxford Community Schools’ new safety, security measures

Report focusing on shooting expected next month

OXFORD, Mich. – Oxford schools have implemented several new security measures since the shooting that claimed the lives of four students in 2021, and now, an outside consulting firm is evaluating the safety policies and presenting their findings.

Guidepost Solutions was hired by the school district to examine present-day Oxford security policies.

According to the report from the firm, there is room for improvement, but at the moment, the safety and security measures are satisfactory.

The report also found that when schools encounter a student who could be a threat or suicidal, they aren’t asked if they have access to weapons, and backpacks aren’t always checked, which was an issue on the day of the shooting.

A meeting was held on Thursday to go over the new report on Oxford schools’ safety and security. Parents were given an opportunity to react and ask questions about the report.

The Oxford community is still in pain and is seeking answers and change to ensure that such an incident never happens again.

Lori Bourgeau, a member of the parent group Change for Oxford, expressed concerns about the report’s findings.

“We need trust to be regained between the school board and the community, and at this point in time, I am just not sure how we get there,” she said.

The second report, which will focus on the shooting, is expected next month.

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