Ann Arbor launches pilot program offering guaranteed monthly income of $530 to certain residents

First checks will be delivered in January 2024

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The City of Ann Arbor has launched a pilot program offering a guaranteed monthly income of roughly $530 to certain residents for two years.

City Council approved the pilot program on Monday (June 5) and will use $1.6 million of American Rescue Plan funds. One hundred families or residents will be selected for the program.

The city has partnered with the University of Michigan’s Poverty Solutions Department. The department will conduct a study analyzing the impact guaranteed income can have on the community.

“We are looking for outcomes here in Ann Arbor to make sure that our communities can stay in the city,” said City Council member Linh Song. “It’s a really expensive city, so $500 a month for 100 families could make a real difference for folks who are kind of on the edge and may be facing eviction.”

The program would benefit low-and-moderate-income families with a special focus on entrepreneurs.

“Small businesses from home, anything from childcare to braiding hair, baking cakes, whatever it is that they’ve had to do throughout the pandemic to just make do,” Song said.

Non-profit organizations like Community Action Network will help connect potential families with the program.

“We actually have a lot of residents who reside in the neighborhood who live off of a fixed income, and they’re trying to start small businesses, so they can supplement their income so they have the extra income for necessities,” said Krystal Steward with Community Action Network.

The program will be the first of its kind in Michigan.

The first checks will be delivered in January 2024.

If you would like to receive information about ways to get involved with the program, click here.

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