Sterling Heights and GM to add 17 electric vehicle charging stations throughout city

City also announces EV master plan

Engineering student Chloe Acosta plugs in an EV on the University of Michigan's North Campus. (Marcin Szczepanski, University of Michigan College of Engineering)

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – The city of Sterling Heights announced a new partnership with General Motors to add 17 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at public spaces throughout the city.

Each charging station, produced by FLO, are up to 2.7 times faster than a typical level two charging station, and feature two ports for simultaneous charging. The city will provide the land while GM Dealers will underwrite the cost of the charging stations.

Michigan is ranked 17th in total charging stations by state in the U.S, according to Evadoption.

Stations will be installed at the following locations by the end of the year:

  • City Hall Campus (40555 Utica road): four stations
  • Community Center (40250 Dodge Park road): two stations added to one existing station
  • Dodge Park (40620 Dodge Park road): three stations
  • Senior Center (40200 Dodge Park road): one station
  • Schoenherr Towers (37500 Schoenherr road): one station
  • Baumgartner Park (12850 15 Mile road): one station
  • Nelson Park (2775 15 Mile road): one station
  • Delia Park (3001 18 Mile road): two stations
  • Delia Park (41625 Ryan road): one station
  • DPW (7200 18 Mile road): one station

Sterling Heights also announced an EV master plan at the urging of the Sustainability Commission and other residents. The plan aims to provide recommendations to prepare for a widespread adoption of electric vehicles, and promoting sustainability and economic growth toward the city’s EV readiness.

“Fifty-two percent of our residents either own or are considering the purchase of an electric vehicle, so we knew we needed to ramp up efforts and be ready to handle this new model of transportation, which is why the new Community Charging Program partnership is so critical,” said Sterling Heights Sustainability Commission Chairman Nathan Inks. “With our help, the city has really been leaning into sustainability and recently launched a brand called Think Sterling Green to help promote all the sustainability initiatives we are advancing in Sterling Heights. It’s exciting to see our efforts moving forward.”

The plan was developed over several months and funded by roughly $6,000 from the city and a grant of roughly $29,000 from SEMCOG’s Planning Assistance Program for Transportation Equity and Sustainable Infrastructure. It aims to encourage EV use, be prepared for increased EV use on on roadways, calls for the city to allocate more time and resources to EV infrastructure, and more.

“We are excited to unveil our Electric Vehicle Master Plan, which represents a major step forward in our efforts to become a leader in sustainability and economic growth,” said Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor. “By embracing electric vehicles, we can create a cleaner and healthier environment, reduce noise pollution and create prosperity in the form of new economic opportunities in the clean energy sector.”

Residents can learn more about the master plan by clicking here.