Detroit Review Team members ordered to Judge William Collette's court

5 members of Detroit Review Team ordered to court, accused of contempt

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®


Subpoenas have been issued to the members of the Detroit Financial Review Team which has worked to form a consent agreement between the city and the state of Michigan.

Judge William Collette has ordered roughly half of the team to show up in court at 9 a.m. July 16 to explain themselves.

Collette had previously ruled the team had to stop its work until he held an Open Meetings Act hearing. When the team did not stop working, Collette called the team to explain why he should not hold it in contempt.

That never happened.

The Michigan Appeals Court overturned the judge's decision regarding the open meetings, but it also ruled State Treasurer Andy Dillon and the rest of the review team were wrong to ignore Collette's contempt hearing.

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So now, Dillon and four other members including Conrad Mallette, Isaiah "Ike" McKinnon, Shirley Stancato and Dr. Gloria Price have been subpoenaed to Collette's courtroom. Detroit's deputy mayor, Kirk Lewis, and City Council President Charles Pugh also received subpoenas.

Local 4 reached out to everyone involved and the Detroit Mayor's Office, but there was no comment. Pugh did not comment either.

Local 4 could not reach Price. Stancato also had no comment.

Former Supreme Court Justice Conrad Mallette said he would be in court on July 16. When asked if he felt at any time he was in contempt of court, he said, "No."

Former Detroit police chief McKinnon said the same.

There are a number of possible penalties in this contempt hearing if Collette finds the review team did run afoul of his order. The penalties could include fines and even forcing the state of Michigan to pay the case legal fees.

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-- Judge William Collette

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