10-year-old boy decides to drive grandma's car, crashes it

He ruined some car owners' day outside Fisher Building in Detroit

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - No one was injured but there was plenty of damage done to nearby cars after a 10-year-old boy decided to get behind the wheel of his grandmother's Lincoln.

Jackie Knowles just needed to zip in and out of the Secretary of State's office on Friday. She parked her new Dodge Charger in the secured parking lot next to the Fisher Building, never expecting a boy would decide it was his day to drive.

"Come out to check it out and I get over and a couple standing around say that a 10-year-old hit it," Knowles said.

The boy was inside the Fisher Building with his grandmother who sent him out to the car to get some things. He took it upon himself to get behind the wheel.

It didn't go so well. He pulled the car out and tried to drive, hitting two cars in the process and causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

"I don't know, I don't even know how to feel right now. I'm just lost ... 10-year-old," said Knowles.

The boy went running back inside the building once his drive didn't go so well. There are questions about whether his grandmother has auto insurance.

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