Detroit police board doesn't approve Mayor Bing's changes to Detroit Police Department

Detroit Board of Commissioners does not approve mayor's changes to DPD structure

DETROIT - The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners does not approve of Mayor Dave Bing's restructuring of the Detroit Police Department.

Bing and interim Detroit Police Chief Chester Logan announced changes Thursday to the department's top management which included promotions and new positions which were to take effect Monday.

However, without the Board of Police Commissioner's approval the changes will not take effect. Everything will stay unchanged for now. The Board will meet with the department and mayor Nov. 15.

"We were disappointed that a press conference was called about this without us being able to deliberate," said Jerome Warfield, the chairman of the board.

Under Bing's restructuring plan, former Deputy Chief Janice Butler would come out of retirement for the newly-created position of assistant chief of administration.

Paul Wills, a 27-year veteran of the force, also would be appointed to the position of assistant chief of patrol and investigation in the city.

Other changes within the department would include the reassignment of some deputy chiefs and promotions of others after January.

The mayor's office released a statement which in part reads "we will meet the Detroit Police Board of Commissioners to discuss their issues. We are confident we can work them out and move forward with implementing the mayor's restructuring plan."

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