Detroit woman's arson fears continue as another fire burns

Local 4 spoke with woman Wednesday night just before another fire broke out on her Detroit street

By Roger Weber - Reporter

DETROIT - Rakina Boyd showed Local 4 the rubble of a house that burned down next-door early Thursday morning.

The same home was standing less than 24 hours ago when Boyd told Local 4 about two other fires this week in her neighborhood.

"I know somebody is starting fires and jeopardizing my families," she said.

Just after the interview with Boyd aired at 11 p.m. Wednesday night she heard dogs barking and saw the adjacent home burning. The captured some images of the flames with her cellphone.

"I called as soon as I'd seen the orange," Boyd said. I called everybody to 'get your shoes on and let's get out.'"

The fire spread to two other vacant structures on the block. Boyd praises Detroit firefighters for saving her home even though a burning wall fell into it.

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"They explained they weren't gonna let me burn up and be homeless," she said. "They understand I've been through this already."

Boyd shares the home with her husband and children.

"Can you imagine waking up to this with your kids?" she said.

Vacant homes in Boyd's neighborhood

Four vacant homes -- fire traps -- are directly across the street from the family's home. Boyd is not budging.

"My grandmother came here in 1929. My grandmother died at 109. I'm not going anywhere," she said. "God got my back. I've gone through everything but God got my back."

Boyd has given the Detroit mayor's office the addresses of all vacant houses in the neighborhood.

Rakina Boyd shows Local 4's Roger Weber the destruction after another fire on her street

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