Feds: Detroit music studio front for big cocaine, heroin sales

Man admits Major Players music studio was more about selling drugs, less about music

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter


Eboni Shine and her three children have less to worry about now that the loud parties, music and gunfire have stopped across the street at Detroit's Major Players music studio.

"I just hope that the kids don't get caught up in the crossfire," Shine said.

According to federal documents obtained by the Local 4 Defenders, Donshae Harrell has pleaded guilty to selling drugs out of the studio. Harrell admitted the studio was less about making music stars, which he claimed on YouTube videos, and more about making money by selling cocaine and heroin to a gang called the Brightmore Gangsters.

The feds found drugs and thousands of dollars on dozens of customers who went to the music studio on a regular basis.

Shine knew the clientele looked thuggish but thought it might be part of the rap music act.

"You know the sad part about it is media makes you feel like you have to sell drugs or get shot to make a song, so maybe they were getting ready, preparing mentally for a CD. I don't know if they actually made one," she said.

It wasn't an act. The feds say the Major Players studio was moving major amounts of drugs. Harrell, who they are calling the ring leader, is looking at up to 10 years in prison and $10 million in fines.

"I'm glad. At least that's one less person I have to worry about trying to sell my kids drugs," said Shine.

Harrell's sentencing is scheduled for next month. He was out on bond but that was revoked after he failed multiple court-ordered drug tests.

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