Man hit by car on Wyoming near Joy on Detroit's west side

Driver tells Local 4 no street lights in area made it hard to see; Witnesses find victim's cell phone at scene, call family members

DETROIT - A man was knocked out of his shoes early Tuesday morning when he was hit by a car on Detroit's west side.

The driver of a Chevy Malibu, Samuel Richardson, told Local 4 that he was on his way to work on Wyoming when he accidentally hit the man in the roadway just south of Joy.

--Samuel Richardson

Richardson said the street lights in the area were out, which made it hard to see in the dark.

"The lights were out. You can't see a thing. The city should fix these lights," Richardson said.

He said the victim was conscious when police arrived before being rushed to a hospital, where he was in temporary serious condition.

The driver's windshield was shattered from the impact.

Witnesses to the crash found the victim's cell phone at the scene after police had left and were able to call members of the victim's family to tell them what happened.

Family members identified the victim as Charles Moorhead. His mother is now with him.

A spokesperson for the Detroit Police Department said it's standard protocol that all of personal belongings of an accident victim be collected by officers that it was unknown why Moorehead's cell phone had been left behind.

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