Marygrove College in Detroit to close after fall 2019 semester

College to close after 92 years

By Jason Colthorp - Anchor/Reporter, Derick Hutchinson

DETROIT - After 92 years in Detroit, Marygrove College will close at the end of this year, officials announced.

The corporate board voted to close the college just a few years after it transitioned to only graduate programs.

"It is a very sad day for students, alums, faculty, sisters," Marygrove College President Elizabeth Burns said.

Despite donations and endowments, Marygrove hasn't been able to attract enough students to stay open since 2017, according to Burns.

"We're going to do a gradual closure -- finish summer semester and fall semester," Burns said.

Any student who can finish their degree within a year after that will be able to do so at Oakland University, officials said.

But for a school with a 114-year history -- 92 years in Detroit -- Wednesday was an emotional day that affected many people.

"Prayers and tears," Burns said. "It's a hard message to give to people you've been working with. The closest I can compare it to is giving bad news to a patient, and I've certainly had to do that a number of times in my career."

The building was transferred to conservancy last year. The upkeep will continue for the Detroit Public Schools Community District campus at Marygrove, so it will still be an active campus.

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