Militia group advises members to avoid protest at Michigan Capitol

Team leader of Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia suspects others may show up to ‘instigate problems’

Militia group skipping expected protest at Michigan's Capitol
Militia group skipping expected protest at Michigan's Capitol

Michigan State Police are preparing for a protest expected Sunday at the state Capitol.

In addition to a 6-foot fence being installed around the building, National Guard troops will also be deployed.

A group that had planned to protest is now telling its members to avoid the Capitol.

“Nobody can guarantee exactly what other groups are going to be doing and what are their intentions,” said said Wendy Lackomar.

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Michael and Wendy Lackomar are part of the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia. Michael, who is a team leader, knows people make assumptions when they hear “militia.”

“The biggest misconception is that we’re perpetually angry, that we want to topple the government. We’re not anti-government. We’re anti-unconstitutional government,” he said.

The group has protested in Lansing in the past year against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s pandemic orders.

“While there is not a specific threat in Lansing this weekend, there is a heightened chatter for various groups to show up to instigate problems,” Michael Lackomar said.

Michael and Wendy said they are not sure if some of their militia will still go, but they think the protest may be calmer than expected.

“The people that want to come in and cause issues, hopefully they’ll be turned off by the robust security measures that are in place,” said Michael Lackomar.

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Michigan ‘prepared to respond accordingly’ if threat is made to state Capitol, Whitmer says

Members of law enforcement are coordinating with the Michigan National Guard to make sure they’re prepared to respond to any sign of violence at the state Capitol, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said.

“What we are seeing play out across our country right now is deeply concerning,” Whitmer said.

She said a false bomb threat was made in Michigan’s Capitol.

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