Lottery club claims Michigan’s largest jackpot in history

Oakland County Wolverine FLL lottery club wins $1B Mega Millions prize

Oakland County lottery club claims $1B Mega Millions jackpot

The Michigan Lottery finally announced Friday who won the $1 billion Mega Millions jackpot.

The lucky winners of the $1.05 billion lottery prize are members of a four-person lottery club called the Wolverine FLL Club. The group purchased the winning ticket at a Kroger in Novi in January, and are splitting the lump sum prize, which is roughly $557 million after taxes.

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The individuals who won are unknown, but their group’s attorney spoke on their behalf while collecting their prize Friday.

“This is a good group of people. I believe there going to do some great things and they’re going to be some good stewards with these funds,” said attorney Kurt D. Panouses.

Many are wondering who the lottery club is comprised of. Local 4 reached out to the group’s attorney, but didn’t hear back.

According to the Michigan Lottery, individuals must start a lottery group if two or more people want to file a joint claim for a lottery prize. The group must create by-laws and appoint a spokesperson or attorney.

If the lottery prize is more than $600, the group must name all group members to the Bureau of State Lottery and, before getting any money, all members must be vetted for liability.

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