Judge denies request to dismiss charges against Rick Snyder in Flint water crisis

Snyder accused of not properly responding to controversy about Flint’s water

FLINT, Mich. – A judge on rejected a request to dismiss misdemeanor charges against Rick Snyder Thursday in the Flint water crisis.

He’s accused of not properly responding to the controversy about Flint’s water, which was drawn from the Flint River but not treated to reduce corrosion.

The former Michigan Governor will still face charges. His legal team has been trying to have the case against him dismissed. The case will likely be appealed.

Judge William Crawford II was asked to throw the case out by Snyder’s attorneys, who argued that when he was governor, he was making decisions regarding the Flint water crisis in Ingham County and Lansing, not in Flint. Because of that, they argue the case shouldn’t be heard in Genesee County.

Crawford said the case was moving forward in Genesee County and that the attorney general’s office has “intimate knowledge” of what the investigation revealed and where.

Snyder’s legal team is expected to file an appeal. What will likely happen is a higher court in Genesee County will likely hear the case and determine if it stays in Genesee County or if it moves to Ingham County.

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